10 Amazing Pieces Of Yoruichi Fan Art You Have To See

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Yoruichi Shihoin is one of Bleach’s most beloved characters. Here are 10 awesome fan art pieces in her honor. Yoruichi Shihoin is one of the strongest female characters in Bleach and has made her a fan favorite for years and years. Yoruichi isn’t one of the main characters, but helps […]

Yoruichi Shihoin is one of Bleach’s most beloved characters. Here are 10 awesome fan art pieces in her honor.

Yoruichi Shihoin is one of the strongest female characters in Bleach and has made her a fan favorite for years and years. Yoruichi isn’t one of the main characters, but helps Ichigo and his friends time and time again with their struggles and works with Kisuke Urahara in his shop. Bleach seems to usually do justice with their female characters and Yoruichi is the strongest example of such. She is powerful, witty, and deeply intelligent with a pretty in-depth backstory for a side character.

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Yoruichi started off in the series appearing to be a small black cat that could speak and had a male voice. As a cat, she aided Ichigo and Urahara which left Ichigo pretty surprised when he found out she was a female after her first transformation in the manga and anime. Because of the love she gets, Yoruichi has often been the subject of fan art and cosplay alike.

10 Shiden

Yoruichi Fanart Bleach Invisbleninja12

This fan art was done by InvisibleNinja12 on DeviantArt and is truly a wonderful piece. The texturing of the piece and background, along with the artist’s signature on the side, make the drawing seem like it is on a traditional scroll, depicting the tale of Yoruichi.

The character is outlined in red, which heightens her already bold color scheme even more. The piece also has no true black in it which makes it stick out as elegant and soft, yet strong and powerful. Its title is “Shiden” which roughly translates to purple lightening, two things Yoruichi is known for.

9 Under The Moonlight

Sciamano240 on DeviantArt has created a lovely piece of Yoruichi sitting under the moonlight. Her facial expression is utterly adorable and makes onlookers think “who is she looking at?” Yoruichi has always been playful, even more so with her friends and those she is close to.

Yoruichi’s expression is almost of a teasing nature, yet looks so comfortable. The moonlight accentuates her color scheme and makes the yellow in her eyes pop and the orange of her jacket glow.

8 Shunshin Chōhengen

Yoruichi Fanart Bleach David Grez Shunshin Chōhengen

This piece was done by David Grez on ArtStation and captures Yoruichi in a dominant light. Yoruichi is an incredibly powerful character. She is a master at her abilities and actually was a Captain of the Soul Society before she left in order to follow Urahara.

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Yoruichi can use lightning in battle and is extremely adept at the ability. So much so, that she has developed the Shunshin Chōhengen, which is featured in this image. The artist made the lightning crackle around Yoruichi and gave her cat-like features with the electricity.

7 Thunder God Yoruichi

Yoruichi Fanart Bleach TheeJohnnyAzad

Another powerful piece of Yoruichi Shihoin that depicts her as a complete force to be reckoned with in battle. This piece was done by Johnny Azad (@TheeJohnnyAzad on Twitter) and just captures Yoruichi perfectly.

The fire and lightning glow with her eyes and once again give her cat-like features with her ears. The way she claws through the lightening, along with her all-black outfit, makes it seem even more like she is in mid-transformation to becoming a cat. The dark blue night sky behind her contrasts beautifully against her lighting and makes her stand out, looking like a thunder god.

6 Urahara & Yoruichi

Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihion fanart Bleach InvisibleNinja12 Romantic Ship

This soft piece by InvisibleNinja12 on DeviantArt features a fan-favorite ship between Yoruichi and Urahara. Yoruichi has two major ships, one with Urahara and one with her old bodyguard, Suì-Fēng. Yoruichi and Urahara go way back. They were childhood friends within the Soul Society and have stayed together pretty much their entire lives.

Yoruichi was one of the only people to see beyond Urahara’s mask of lazy incompetence and recognize that he was powerful and intelligent. She always believed in Urahara and even gave up her title in the Soul Society to follow him to the human world. These two shared a few moments with one another that suggested there might be something more to them than just friendship. This fan art is truly beautiful and soft.

5 Lazy Day

Yoruichi Shihoin Blach Fanart SkavenZverov

This piece makes it seem as though Yoruichi has just completed a particularly difficult mission or task and is ready to just lazy around. She lays on a blanket adorned with pillows, with her swords thrown to the side and her outfit adjusted for comfort.

Even Yoruichi’s hair isn’t in an as-tight ponytail as usual as she lays back against the pillows under her. The artist, Skavenzerov on DeviantArt, managed to capture a human Yoruichi acting more like a cat. Cats are pretty lazy and sleep more than half of the day, it only makes sense that Yoruichi has gotten used to such antics.

4 Ready For Action

Yoruichi is always ready for just about anything. She is a fierce opponent and always likes to test her allies in combat. When she first transforms in front of Ichigo, she almost immediately attacks him in order to test his abilities. She likes to see what she is working with. This fan art, done by Froxalt on DeviantArt (once named Foton-ike), manages to perfectly capture that “ready for anything” mindset of Yoruichi.

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Yoruichi’s expression and gesture say it all. She holds her hand out as though she is beckoning her opponent. The colors on this piece are also completely amazing. Everything stands out wonderfully and is textured to look authentic and real.

3 A Cat In The Tree

Yoruichi is once again attuning to her cat-like self in this fan art piece done by Jessie Schickler on ArtStation by seemingly resting in the tops of a tree. Her expression makes her seem sleepy and a bit grumpy, as if someone has just woken her up from a nap that she was greatly enjoying.

This painting is truly amazing and gives the illusion of some beautiful sunlight shining through the trees. Her hair looks soft and the light texturing of her pants makes her seem alive.

2 Yoruichi Shihoin

This fan art, done by @art.y.cami on Instragam, captures Yoruichi in her natural state. She looks sassy and ready to explain why she is right. The artist also made the background behind the character a dark purple which perfectly matches Yoruichi and makes her gold eyes and orange jacket pop out amazingly.

Yoruichi has a determined look on her face and the way she is posed makes it seem like she is just about ready to jump into another mission or challenge.

1 In The Dark

This piece was done by @HollyOakhill and is absolutely amazing. The colors are bright and bold and the pinkish/purple wisps that follow Yoruichi’s movements make her seem magical in nature. She runs along the wall, tracking her foes below her as she gets ready to strike, unbeknownst to them.

The dark greens and blues of the background make Yoruichi’s oranges and purples stick out like the flame on a dark night. She looks cool and fierce. This is just completely Yoruichi.

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