10 Amazing Woaharks of Senjougahara Fan Art You Have To See

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Senjougahara stands as one of the Monogatari Series’ best designed characters. These fan artist did a great job in paying homage to her. Hitagi Senjougahara is one of the Monogatari Series’ most recognizable characters. Though her demeanor, attitude and charm play a role in her popularity, one big thing that […]

Senjougahara stands as one of the Monogatari Series’ best designed characters. These fan artist did a great job in paying homage to her.

Hitagi Senjougahara is one of the Monogatari Series’ most recognizable characters. Though her demeanor, attitude and charm play a role in her popularity, one big thing that helps Senjougahara stand out is her character design. Senjougahara’s design was created by VOFAN and adapted by Akio Watanabe for the anime. Given the nature of the Monogatari anime, her appearance changes from show to show, in often subtle and minuscule ways.

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Like many of the characters in the series, Senjougahara has gone through a number of changes from a design standpoint. While her initial look is probably her most recognizable, she has plenty different ones for fan artists to choose from.

10 Night Walk – Whale

Fans of the series will instantly think of Senjougahara and Araragi’s first date when looking at this beautiful piece from Whale. The tranquil atmosphere really fits well with the peaceful look on Senjougahara’s face.

There are some very interesting things going on here visually. The reflections and ripples on the ground are beautiful. The contrast of the still sky on the other hand serves as a perfect complement to the bright, eye-grabbing visuals at the bottom of the picture.

9 Studying – 事件视界

Senjougahara’s early look is a popular choice among fans and fan artists alike. Considering how big of an impact she made on the story right away, and how she instantly established herself as a fan favourite, that’s no surprise.

事件视界 draws a quizzical Senjougahara here, most likely mimicking her appearance during the infamous pen-eye scene with Araragi during the Rainy Devil Arc. They manage to recreate her design here rather faithfully, and should be applauded for how well they captured the smaller features of her character design.

8 Vacation Mode – 称

Fans aren’t used to seeing Senjougahara smile all that much. The times that she does smile, she’s usually wearing a slightly mischievous grin. But称 draws her here with a full ear-to-ear smirk.

称 went with one of Senjougahara’s new looks for this piece, and it really fits her laidback demeanor well in this piece. Their unique style also shines, as you can tell that they had fun putting their own spin on the character.

7 Festival Look – ぽえる

Despite having appeared in so many episodes, one thing fans never got to see from Senjougahara was her in festival clothing. Thanks to ぽえる, they finally get to.

You can tell that the artist had a good time putting this together. The mischievous smirk on her face really holds true to Senjougahara’s playful personality. The colors are beautiful, especially the vibrancy of her hair. The little mouse-like Araragi dangling over her shoulder is a hilarious touch.

6 Secret Weapon – にしやまひろし

While Senjougahara is typically timid and reserved, she can be pretty dangerous when she wants to be. Though she’s usually okay with using her sharp tongue in tense situations, she’s also more than willing to get a little more physical too.

にしやまひろし draws Senjougahara with some of her most dangerous weapons; common office supply tools. In the right hands they can be dangerous, and the artist certainly paints it that way with this amazing fan art.

5 Winter Time – qpalql-嘖

Though it was only featured for a brief period in the anime, Senjougahara’s winter look certainly stands as one of her most iconic. The simple pairing of a coat and hat adds much more to her design that you’d initially expect.

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qpalql-嘖 does a fantastic job with setting the scene here. The cold colors fit perfectly, and the artist really did an amazing job of working with the character design and mal=king it their own.

4 Deadly – モ誰

Yet another piece of fan art of Senjougahara with her favourite tools, though this time a little more laid back. Senjougahara really does make use of the strangest, most mundane items as weapons and while these situations are taken very seriously in the anime, モ誰 portrays things in a much more light-hearted way here.

3 Ready To Fight – KF-Pixel

For Senjougahara, her use of various school and office tools as deadly weapons is probably one of her most recognizable traits. It’s a strange, but interesting choice that sums up her personality all too well.

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KF-Pixel’s art really shines here. Though she looks like she’s on the attack, the expression on Senjougahara’s face alongside the light textures and colors the artist used really tell a different story.

2 Road Trip – 釜飯轟々丸

Though most of these pieces have featured Senjougahara and Senjougahara alone, 釜飯轟々丸 decided to include some of the other main cast members as well in their art. It pays off wonderfully.

The vibrant and varying colors perfectly fit the Monogatari series aesthetic, and the artist seems to have gone with the original VOFAN color scheme for Senjougahara’s hair as opposed to the Watanabe palette often used in the anime.

1 Say Ahh – ぽえる

Yet another piece from ぽえる, this time with a lot more attention being played to Senjougahara’s facial features.

What stands out most are the amazing colors – similar to ぽえる’s previous work as well – and the attention to detail paid to everything in this piece. The amazing, almost neon color scheme instantly grans your attention and certainly stands as a unique feature.

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