10 Outstanding Fan Art Pictures of Juvia You’ll Like

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The Fairy Tail wizard’s guild is how the entire Fairy Tail franchise got its name, and it is renowned for being a guild of loyal friends and family. Solidarity and personal ties are what unite these wizards into an unstoppable magical platoon, and wizards like Natsu Dragneel, the Fire Dragon […]

The Fairy Tail wizard’s guild is how the entire Fairy Tail franchise got its name, and it is renowned for being a guild of loyal friends and family. Solidarity and personal ties are what unite these wizards into an unstoppable magical platoon, and wizards like Natsu Dragneel, the Fire Dragon slayer and Lucy Heartfilia the celestial wizard embody that idea well.

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Juvia Lockser, a wizard mage, and Gajeel Redfox, the Iron Dragon slayer, both switched sides from Phantom Lord to Fairy Tail, and they have been staples of their new guild ever since. Juvia is a fan-favorite, with her flamboyant personality, cool water magic, and stylish outfits. This has come together to inspire some wonderful fan art that Fairy Tail lovers have made of her.

10 Maid Juvia

Victorian English maid outfits are a popular visual motif for many animated characters, and Juvia Lockser tried on a lovely maid outfit in this fan art by artist artseal1. The artist carefully used colored pencils to make Juvia come to life on paper, and the results are remarkable.

Juvia looks a bit shy in her new costume, but she looks great in it, and the artist made sure to make her look perfectly 3-D with the fine details in the fabric’s wrinkles and shadows. It makes Juvia pop right off the page.

9 Water Trainer

Juvia is all about water magic, and if she ended up in the world of Pokemon, then she could give Misty the gym leader a run for her money. No doubt Juvia would roam the world catching every water Pokemon there is, from the gentle Lapras to the fearsome Gyrados and beyond.

Artist ryaiyai depicts Juvia striking a cool pose with a Kingdra, as though she were on the box art of her very own Pokemon game. She would have fun running her own gym, that’s for sure.

8 Rekindled Hope

Tragically, Juvia grew up lonely, and even as a girl, she struggled to make any friends. Her sadness manifested as actual rain clouds, making her even more of a social pariah. But now she is in Fairy Tail, where everyone is a dear friend.

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Juvia is thrilled to be among friends, and she realized that perhaps there is hope for a blissful life after all. Artist Sekatsu made sure to capture the darkness of Juvia’s past with that dark rainstorm, but a ray of light is falling on her, and her bitter tears are becoming tears of joy.

7 Festivities

Fans of popular anime series have a lot of fun depicting the characters in classy scenes of Japanese culture, often as shrine maidens, samurai, or attendees at a lovely summer festival. Artist Law67 took the latter route, dropping Juvia right into a real-world festival with all the sights and sounds.

Juvia has a light blue kimono with dark blue flower patterns, and she has a classic Japanese umbrella for extra style. She stands out clearly from the out-of-focus, orange-lit background with her clearly defined form and her striking blue colors.

6 Cliffside Retreat

Juvia needs some time to get away from it all, and artist MimsiQQ did a wonderful job depicting her in vacation mode. Juvia took some timer to herself at one of Fiore’s many coastal cliffs, and she is comfortably perched right on the edge. She sure doesn’t have a fear of heights.

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Juvia stands out clearly on this warm summer day, with her vivid pink outfit, charming pose, and her radiant expression. To help fill the negative space on the image’s right half, the artist included some towering clouds and seagulls in flight, which also helps set the scene.

5 Still Waiting

Here is another reminder that Juvia didn’t have the most thrilling childhood (and for that matter, neither did Erza Scarlet the swordmaster or Mirajane Strauss). Juvia had a vivid pink umbrella with a few hearts on it, but she didn’t have any actual love in her life to match them.

Artist Nindei depicts Juvia as the clear subject this rainy afternoon, with the heavy rain reducing the buildings behind her to a blur while Juvia herself stands out clearly. The cold loneliness has reduced her to tears, and she dearly hopes that someday, the sun will shine.

4 Rose-Tinted Dancing

Good news: Juvia has found that ray of sunshine. When she faced Gray Fullbuster, the ice wizard, she realized that she was seeing someone special. She only half-heartedly tried to fight him, and when Gray defeated her and spared her life, she was already enamored by the thought of him.

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Artist solaf husain gave Juvia and Gray a vivid dance scene in this stunning part, trading their usual gray, blue, and black colors for passionate red and glowing spots of yellow and magenta. The rain clouds have parted, and Juvia’s heart burns like the sun.

3 Aqua Master

By now, Juvia has come back from her vacation and she has had her fond dance with Gray. Now it’s time to fight. When the battle starts and her friends’ lives are on the line, Juvia is quick to muster her formidable water magic and take the fight to the enemy, no matter the odds.

Artist Lucilla Artist depicts Juvia as a staunch defender of the Fairy Tail name, with her hood up to protect her head from enemy magic and powerful water magic issuing from her hands as she adopts a warrior’s pose.

2 Sweets For You

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is split in half. On February 14th, girls will give chocolates and other goodies to boys of interest, and one month later, on White Day, the boys return the favor. That’s what’s happening here, and it’s downright adorable.

No doubt Gray got an armload of sweet treats from Juvia back in February, and artist Arya-Aiedail depicts a bashful but confident Gray handing over a box of goodies to his belle. Juvia is simply thrilled to get her turn, and she made sure to meet Gray’s eyes as she receives the gift. For her, this is the best White Day ever.

1 Singing In The Rain

Rainy days used to be symbolic of Juvia’s crushing loneliness and sadness, but that’s all over now. She has her dear friends at Fairy Tail to keep her company, and whenever the rain falls, it’s gentle and soothing, not cold and prickly like it used to be.

Artist Arron Khan depicts Juvia with a new umbrella on a light rainy afternoon, singing and dancing as she waltzes in her element. She’s probably hoping that Gray will come out of the house and dance with her for a bit before the rain clouds part.

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