10 Pieces Of Fan Art Featuring Spawn To Get You In The Mood For Halloween

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Halloween is fast approaching, and that means every excuse is currently on the table to go back and re-read one’s favorite horror comics. Few characters are as popular and recognizable as Spawn, the legendary hellion who defied his underworld master and used his demonic powers to wage war against evil. […]

Halloween is fast approaching, and that means every excuse is currently on the table to go back and re-read one’s favorite horror comics. Few characters are as popular and recognizable as Spawn, the legendary hellion who defied his underworld master and used his demonic powers to wage war against evil.

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Spawn’s longevity as a powerful anti-hero is evident in the amazing amount of fan art that has come out of the scene in recent years. To celebrate another Halloween with Al Simmons, here are some Spawn fan artworks to get everyone in the spooky spirit of things.

10 Spawn Victorious

Cimmeri0 painted this lush portrait of Al Simmons standing over the broken body of what appears to be the Violator. The use of Spawn’s iconic chains is done to great effect and gives the piece a feeling of movement. It even plays into the large battle rifle slung over his shoulder, still fresh from a being fired.

It’s also an inventive piece given that it’s a completely bloodless shot. That’s a nice touch in comparison to many artists who would have gone right for the gore. The use of acidic yellows, greens, and harsh reds creates a bright and potent color palette that makes the piece shine.

9 Abstract Spawn

Joseph-C-Knight went abstract for this detailed take on Spawn that features his costume as a primary element. His deep blood-crimson cape swirls around the shot to give it a sense of movement against the aqua-tinted background. There’s something almost lifelike about the detail in his suit as well, which is more accented than the comic books manage to do.

The use of deep bluish-blacks in the suit is a nice touch as well, and the only true highlighted color is his glowing sky-blue eye sockets. The abandonment of the traditional Spawn color palette in favor of this swapped out version makes the piece stand out on its own.

8 Spawn At The Ready

Victter-Le-Fou crafted this fine piece featuring Spawn seemingly launching the first volley at an offscreen assailant. The use of lashing chains creates a 3-dimensional effect at the forefront of the shot, and it’s mixed with clever use of depth perception in Spawn’s hand.

The pose is straight-up badass, and true to the character’s personality and fighting stances. The background appears to be on fire – perhaps the aftermath of an explosion. On the other hand, Spawn may have found himself in the bowels of Hell itself.

7 Unmasked Spawn

Spawn might be a hero, but he won’t win any awards for being pretty. Matt Hubel knew this when he created this excellent image of an unmasked Al Simmons which would send anyone fleeing in the opposite direction. His burnt, emaciated face and blistered forehead are flanked by a set of protruding jaws and demonic teeth that accentuate Simmons in his undead form.

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The face is framed by swirling reds representing his cape which don’t detract away from the main focal point. That’s thanks in large part to those glowing green eyes that leak energy from the corners, and some protoplasmic drool dangling off his chin. Scary and effective.

6 Spawn In Wait

Tadam Gyadu captures Spawn hanging out on the rooftop of a local church, which is true to his comic book persona. It’s a strong, panther-like pose showing Al Simmons guarding his territory whilst keeping watch for any evildoers to punish. The greenlit sky is an inventive touch that suggests evil is fast approaching, and Spawn is ready to tackle it.

Spawn’s flowing, tattered cape is flanked by swirling chains that seem to have a life of their own, acting as beacons to detect danger from unseen threats. The perspective of the shot makes Spawn look all the more ominous as he prepares to pounce – seemingly on the viewer.

5 Hamlet Spawn

Adrián Valdez takes one of the most recognizable elements of William Shakespeare’s classic work Hamlet and plays it up with a touch of irony and sarcasm. One can almost hear Simmons channeling Hamlet in Keith David’s grumbling, gravely voice to kill some time.

The muted colors give the picture a vintage sense that serves the melancholy of the overall theme. It’s unclear whose skull that is, but it could be that of Simmons himself, which would be a nod to the original comics.

4 Comic Spawn

Hedwin Zaldivar takes the crown for the most classically comic book-inspired work on this list, which is one of the best in his already fantastic lineup. Here, Simmons looks positively wrathful as he emerges from the smoke and ashes with vengeance seemingly on his mind.

This is evidenced not just in Spawn’s torn and tattered suit which suggests he’s taken a few knocks, but also his face mask which appears to be indented with a scornful expression. Whoever is on the receiving end of this anger would have indeed regretted it.

3 Heavy Metal Spawn

Alex Horley is well known in the fan art community for having crafted some of the most iconic pop culture artworks of all time. His art style is reminiscent of the 1970s/early ’80s done in a Conan the Barbarian-type theme. As such, this piece looks like it’s been around for ages, which is the entire point.

Once again, Horley blends gritty traditional pencils with excellent shading and detail, especially on Spawn’s suit. The rich blood reds and musty yellows and greens serve as a nice counter-color to everything that’s going on. If Spawn ever met Warhammer, this is probably how it would look.

2 Spawn & Cyan

K-Bol can draw with the best comic book artists out there, and this piece is no exception. The crashing raindrops serve as the principal detail element in the shot, and it helps sell the entire work as it crashes onto the pavement, drips over hand cranks, and all over its two main leads.

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The gothic city backdrop is a big part of what makes this shot work, and it helps put full emphasis on Spawn carrying Cyan to safety while keeping an eye out for danger. This one single shot would make any Spawn fan want to see where the next few panels would take the story.

1 Daredevil Spawn

Mad-Jojo conjures a healthy dose of Daredevil in this shot featuring Simmons removing a similar black mask from his face, though with entirely different results. The side profile theme works well as the mask blends into the background while still providing enough detail to make it stand out as its own element.

Spawn’s expression doesn’t appear to be particularly friendly, but rather malevolent in nature. His burnt face is a direct nod to the comic continuity, but it’s done with far more realistic style than many other Spawn fan art shots out there. It’s a striking work.

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