Bright yellow rays of sunshine and colorful postcard-style letters adorn Franklin’s first large-scale public art mural, “Welcome to Franklin.”

It took two months to paint the exterior brick wall of the Walk-In Urgent Care on Hillsboro Road.

With over 30 years of experience, Franklin-based artist Michael Cooper designed and helped paint the mural.

“I think it’s long overdue. Franklin is a relatively conservative town when it comes to keeping their history and architecture at a certain level. But there is something about public art that makes people proud of their surroundings,” Cooper said. 

Each letter of the word Franklin showcases landmarks and history from the area such as the farmers’ market and Natchez Trace Bridge. The mural wall is about 13 feet tall and 41 feet wide.

The Franklin Public Art Commission formed nearly three years ago when a few business owners in downtown began discussing a mural.

Cooper said that while painting the mural, people would walk up and make suggestions about what to include in it, and he would say, “There are plenty more walls to paint.” 

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