Bleach: 10 Mila Rose Fan Art Pictures That We Love

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Bleach has produced many intimidating villains among Aizen’s Arrancar Army, each with their own unique design and powerset that can rival even the most skilled of Soul Reapers. One of the more powerful among the Espada was Tier Harribel, the former 3rd Espada and later ruler of Hueco Mundo, who of course […]

Bleach has produced many intimidating villains among Aizen’s Arrancar Army, each with their own unique design and powerset that can rival even the most skilled of Soul Reapers. One of the more powerful among the Espada was Tier Harribel, the former 3rd Espada and later ruler of Hueco Mundo, who of course had herself a trio of powerful Arrancars that served under her.

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Tier’s Fracción was known as “Tres Bestias” (which translates to “The Three Beasts”), an all-female team of Arrancars consisting of Emilou Apacci, Cyan Sung-Sun, and Franceska Mila Rose. Hot-headed and sadistic, Mila Rose is an absolute savage in combat and that overwhelming strength got some appreciation from fans. Of course, there were a number of fan art pieces depicting the Tres Bestias member in various styles.

10 Mila Rose Gigia

Mila Rose Gigai fan art by zephixe1

Since most of Bleach’s more colorful cast members are actually spirits, they don’t have ways to interact with the living world without a “Gigai”. Using a Gigai, allows a spirit to blend into human society, though Arrancars aren’t really known for having a Gigai form.

Artist zephixe1 decided to take the road less traveled in this picture, and design what a Gigai form for Mila Rose could’ve looked like. Her outfit really fits Mila’s tough personality well, and the belt buckle with an “M” on it was a great touch too, creating a more casual look for this character that’s never really seen.


9 Mila Rose

Bleach Mila Rose Fan Art by ilcapbianco


Simple, yet stunning are the words that accurately describe IlCapoBianco’s little portrait of Mila Rose. While it’s not a full-body piece for this character, the minimalism (including the last of background) actually works in this picture’s favor, allowing for viewers to have their full focus on Mila herself.

The light outline and soft colors make this feel like a true painting, backed up by the splotches of colors that were used to create this piece off to the side, which gives something of an old school artist’s feeling to it.

8 Boxer

Bleach Mila Rose Fan Art by Oliriv

Despite being heckled by her teammates for her brute strength, Mila Rose is a tough fighter at her core. Though her main weapon is her Zanpakuto, much like many characters in Bleach, her physical power is just as deadly in its own right.

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In Oliriv’s picture we see that taken advantage of, with a redesign that sees Mila as a fierce boxer. It rather fits such a strong character like Mila and it was brilliantly sketched too, her face, in particular, was recreated very accurately. It’s likely that one punch from this boxer Mila Rose will send most opponents flying.

7 Mila Rose, The Lion

Mila Rose Bleach Fan Art by igniSopitus

The Tres Bestias are Arrancars whose Hollow forms somewhat resembled animals, Mila Rose’s being a lion. While she does have a powered-up form that references this, artist igniSopitus took a different approach when it came to evoking the image of the fierce beast within Mila.

This fan art has something of “mythical” feeling too it, as though it were a painting that depicted a legendary warrior. The lion’s head almost appears to be headgear (much like the legends that depicted Hercules), yet the lion’s mane blends almost seamlessly into her hair as if it truly was her very being.

6 Mila Rose, Apacci, and Sung-Sun Return

Mila Rose, Apche, and Sun-Sun fan art by drake---666 Bleach

Bleach chapter 487 saw the return of Tres Bestias post-Sosuke Aizen’s defeat. Each got something of a slight design during their return that made them look as fierce as ever. Artist drake—666 decided to recreate the panel for their reappearance and give it some color that wasn’t present in the original manga.

The panel was very accurately remade and the dark colors and lack of lighting give it both mood and depth under the eerie night sky of Hueco Mundo. This picture breathes new life into Tres Bestias’ reemerging, adding to their air of intimidation.

5 Mila Rose is Watching You

mila rose bleach fan art by 3ninja

They say that a look can say a lot without even needing to say a word and Mila Rose is the type of antagonist that can strike fear into her enemies with an icy stare. In this sketch by 3Ninja, that’s brilliantly displayed.

The sketch accurately captures the style of Bleach and the intensity of Mila Rose herself. The lack of color actually adds more too, with standout details being little things like shadows and the shine on her hair that gives this sketch more depth. It almost looks like it could’ve been a sketch made for the manga itself.

4 Harribel’s Fracción

It’s pretty clear that while Tier Harribel’s Fracción are a formidable trio, and they’d have to be since the serve under one of the Espada, they don’t exactly get along too often. They tend to argue and fight a lot, especially Appacci who tends to get on Mila’s nerves a lot, though they can come together if the situation demands it.

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The artist, aerryi, really captures the disfunction of Tres Bestias and gives them a lot of personality in this piece. Mila herself is looking pretty smug here (almost deceivingly innocent) while Sung-Sun remains quiet and the more hot-headed Apacci is clearly ticked off.

3 Franceska Mila Rose

Bleach Mila Rose Fan Art by inkdluis

Sometimes intimidation doesn’t need any feat of strength, sometimes a solid look or vibe that a person can give off can get that job done too. Being among Tier Harribel’s team, Mila Rose can definitely give off an aura of power with her presence alone.

Artist inkdluis’ interpretation of Mila Rose is a stunning recreation of the character, while also maintaining some subtle personality to her. It’s almost as though she’s looking at her opponent (perhaps even the viewer) with a look that says “you’re not strong enough to beat me”.

2 Released

Mila Rose Bleach Fan Art by ericamartindood

Much like the Soul Reapers’ and their Bankai, Arrancars have some powerful transformations too that amp up their strength to new heights. Mila Rose of course has one herself, making her more of a beast and a more savage warrior.

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EricMartinDOOD drew Mila in this form with more of a western comic book style rather than the more traditional Japanese one she’s more closely associated with. Honestly, it suits the character well despite such a different art style. Even with this alternate interpretation, Mila Rose remains intimidating and appears to be itching for battle.

1 Tres Bestias

Brutal, savage, and violent, these are aspects that describe Mila Rose and her fellow members of Tres Bestias, both as a Hollows and as fighters, they also describe the feeling of ahodak’s art piece here. In it, Mila stands beside Appaci and Sung-Sun from presumably a battle where they were likely victorious.

This picture goes for a slightly more realistic design for the trio, while still retaining their distinct looks. The glow in each of their eyes strengthens this otherworldly feeling about them while making them intimidating too. The sight of these powerful ladies together like this would send an unprepared Soul Reaper to head for the hills.

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