David Siqueiros Creates Motion Art So Viewers Can Simply Pray, Meditate or Just Contemplate the Universe – Press Release

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This Miami based artist hopes exposures to his images can “still the mind” and “self help” people survive today if they do not feel like they can survive tomorrow.

MIAMI – September 22, 2020 – (Newswire.com)

​​The Coronavirus has created some unreasonable demands. With almost daily news of the stress, anxiety and depression Covid-19 is bringing to many, the forecast for further anxiety, stress and depression to the planet’s inhabitants is growing.

A study by the Washington, DC-based Brookings Institution estimates that the United States creative industry alone will suffer 2.7 million job losses and $150 billion in lost revenue as a result of the Covid-19 shutdown. “I feel it 100% and I think others do too. Not a million or billion dollar club I ever wanted to be in,” says Siqueiros.

Former First Lady, Michelle Obama and Dallas Cowboy Quarterback, Dak Prescott recently wrote articles about being depressed. Forbes magazine explained how employees are stressed and how their stressed brains work. The Washington Post reported on how minorities have higher rates of stress than others. The racial tensions in America at the moment along with the presidential election are additional social issues that will contribute to Covid-19 anxiety.

Caught in a stressful phase unable to step back take a breath and relax, achieving balance is a never-ending dance especially in the culture where doing and having is more valued than being. Hardships, obstacles and family obligations are challenging. At times people feel like the world is conspiring against them. Most know it isn’t and realize they are simply experiencing life on its terms, not theirs. Siqueiros feels that “It is a very anxious time on the planet right now and people need HOPE!”

Siqueiros adds, “Because I want my mind open and clear, for actions that are reflective and balanced, for me not to be absorbed by anxiety, stress or depression, ‘self help’ was what was best. Every chance I get, I am creating something for nothing, except for the pure sheer pleasure of it, and I hope someone, who may feel like I do, sees these images and can experience a few minutes of ‘chill time’ and offset the effects of stress, anxiety or depression.”

Ultimately, Siqueiros’s goal in publishing these 10 images, with updates scheduled, is to offer an option, at least for a short while, that can help viewers forget about reality and look at an image that they can pray, meditate or contemplate the universe to cultivate a “never stop fighting” self-love because “We all deserve to be loved especially by ourselves.

CEOs, owners and managers, are key to helping employees, especially in the office/work environment. Siqueiros envisions redesigns to existing rooms in office complexes for use as chill rooms, adding, “I can work with an interior designer, client representative or client to find the perfect single work or curate a collection of motion art and provide integrated art experiences from single displays to large scale video walls and installations.”

HD versions of the “Motion Art” series can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/showcase/7447011
Streaming 4K versions are available by subscription at https://motionart.vhx.tv
HD soundbytes and Motion Art samples for press can be downloaded at https://vimeo.com/459038590/405767d694

About the Artist
Based in Miami, David Siqueiros works in photography and video enjoying the multicultural aspects Miami has to offer. To learn more about David visit http://www.digitalpictures.net/about or https://siqueiros.com/blog.

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David Siqueiros
(212) 673-4100
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[email protected]

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LinkedIn – DavidSiqueiros
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David Siqueiros Creates Motion Art So Viewers Can Simply Pray, Meditate or Just Contemplate the Universe

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