Lodi High School shows off new state of the art football and soccer field to community | High School Football

Emilee Geist

In fact, it’s the lights that Blue Devils football coach Dave Puls said has garnered the biggest reaction among the athletes.

“The kids are really enamored by — obviously the field as a whole — but we have all new lights, and the candle power is like double what they were. This surface also is engineered to have a reflective property, so not only is the candle power and the lighting twice as good if not three times as good, the surface itself also emanates a reflection of the light.

“So for the kids, being out here under the lights and literally playing like it’s almost the middle of the day, they thought that was phenomenal.”

The new field also has numbers along the hash marks, which Lodi’s old field did not have. And the field is painted for lacrosse in addition to football and soccer.

Puls said that the brilliant contrast of the school colors — white and royal blue — painted on the field also has been frequent compliment.

The school is planning to have a much bigger grand opening come spring once the teams are all back in action, Meffert said. But for now, the fact the field is cause for celebration enough.

“We came together as a community to bring this to fruition, so just to be able to come out and see it and walk on it is the coolest thing,” said Jenny Dachel, whose son is a sophomore on the football team. 

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