The Owl House: 10 Amazing Pieces Of Fan Art

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Much like their films, Disney had a successful line of hit animated shows in recent years. From Phineas and Ferb to Gravity Falls, they’ve made some of the best cartoons of the 2010s. Earlier this year, The Owl House premiered, introducing the world to Luz Noceda, Eda the Owl Lady, and King. RELATED: 10 Seinen […]

Much like their films, Disney had a successful line of hit animated shows in recent years. From Phineas and Ferb to Gravity Falls, they’ve made some of the best cartoons of the 2010s. Earlier this year, The Owl House premiered, introducing the world to Luz Noceda, Eda the Owl Lady, and King.

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Since then, the show’s popularity and fandom have grown considerably. The season one finale aired a few weeks ago and since then a slew of fan art has been posted across the internet. Here are just ten amazing pieces of fan art based on The Owl House.

10 DarkerEve

DarkerEve starts off this list with a group shot of the five key characters over a contrasting background. The placement of characters over the dichotomous landscape reflects the nature of their characters nicely. Lilith and Amity are more composed and orderly while Luz, King, and Eda are much more rambunctious and chaotic.

The poses and expressions are great too capturing Luz’s amazement of the world she finds herself in and the rivalry between Eda and Lilith. The scale of each character reflects the magical power each character possesses. Overall, a fine tribute from a fan that enjoys this show.

9 N3rdx

One of the most notable aspects of The Owl House is the recent development between Luz and her rival-turned-friend Amity Blight. Their friendship had a rocky start but it’s blossomed beautifully in recent episodes. Recently, Amity’s disdain for Luz has morphed into a crush that was solidified in the episode “Enchanting Grom Fright”.

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N3rdx took inspiration from that episode and drew the two in their Grom clothes with Luz continuing to inadvertently get Amity all flustered up. They captured the cute dynamic the two share that fans can’t get enough of.

8 MarloMora

“Enchanting Grom Fright” delighted shippers when Luz and Amity joined forces to fight off the monstrous Grom by mixing spell casting and dancing. MarloMora is one of the many artists that took it upon themselves to recreate the dance scene in their art style.

The outline caused by the moonlight is a subtle touch that adds to the artwork and gives Luz and Amity a divine aura to them. The expressions on the girls and the purple backdrop create a mystically romantic atmosphere. With any luck, the second season will give fans more scenes like this to recreate.

7 Maurlim

She’s spunky, she’s wild, she’s surprisingly foxy for her age (according to Luz), she’s Eda the Owl Lady. From the moment the series was announced, Maurlim waited in anticipation for this show and wasn’t disappointed. In response, they drew this piece of fan art showing Eda’s coolness as she flies above the Boiling Isles with her roommate King.

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Eda has her moments where she can come off as lazy and immature but Maurlim knows that she has her moments of awesomeness like she does here. She only shows off her true power is when someone upsets her.

6 Soni-Dragon

It’s easy to annoy Eda but getting her angry enough to unleash her true power takes much more effort. Such as kidnapping Luz, for example. That’s what Lilith did in “Agony of a Witch” resulting in one of the show’s most intense fight scenes which Soni-Dragon clearly took inspiration from.

The sheer size of the owl-shaped aura looming over Eda greatly portrays the witch’s strength. The fact that it’s so large it dwarfs her body speaks volumes to her prowess. Speaking of looking tiny…

5 SoraFKS

No matter how hard King tries to act tough and menacing, he will always be a cutie pie. Yet that didn’t stop SoraFKS from attempting to depict as menacing ruler towering over the remains of his enemies. It provides some insight into King’s mindset and how he sees himself as a vicious ruler worthy of being called King.

The artist went with a different art style than usual and revealed they were tempted to give up on the endeavor as they did with a painting of Amity. Considering how the final product turned out, it’s good that they didn’t give up.

4 Artofkace

Artofkace makes their return but this time on a sadder note. At the end of “Agony of a Witch”, King baked a cake and hid inside it to surprise Luz and congratulate her on all the progress she’s made as Eda’s apprentice. Unfortunately, the episode ended with Luz returning home after Eda sacrificed herself and wound up imprisoned by the Emperor’s Coven.

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While Eda and King tend to bicker from time to time, they remain friends and the thought of King realizing Eda is gone and thinking back on all the good times they had is heart-breaking. Tragic as it may be, it is still an effective picture that tugs on heartstrings.

3 Snartles

After enjoying the season one finale, @Snartles dedicated some fan art of the episode. With Eda scheduled to be petrified, Luz made an effort to break her cursed mentor out while Lilith became conflicted about her allegiance to Emperor Belos. The painting captures the dramatic tone of the episode and emotions welling up in Luz and Lilith.

Belos’s presence at the top with his cracked mask makes him look like a menacing dictator and places him in a position of power as he looms over everyone. It’s no wonder that this post acquired over 10,000 likes.

2 Gato Iberico

Taking a break with some uplifting artwork, Gato Iberica shows off the main characters rocking some custom-made T-shirts. On the Boiling Isles, witches are required to join a coven where they must are forced into studying a single type of magic. Eda unofficially created her own coven dubbed the ‘Bad Girl Coven’.

She claimed that she ordered T-shirts and while they didn’t appear in the episode Gato decided to sketch up what they thought the three would look like wearing them. The fact that King also got an adorably, over-sized shirt is precious.

1 Issabolical

Finishing off this list is a group shot composed by Issabolical. The gang enjoys a quiet night in braiding their hair and doing each other’s nails. Some people are having a blast, some people (mainly Eda) are not, and some people are getting easily flustered.

It’s cute seeing Lilith interact with characters that aren’t her sister and hopefully the next season will provide canonical encounters. The colors are a bit faded but fitting for the picture’s tone and the detail placed in the background is top-notch. Let’s hope that the fandom continues to make more awesome fan art.

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