Trippie Redd is out of his mind if he thought this would fly over with his fans.

The Ohio-born recording artist is known for his unique vocal style, straining his voice purposely and somehow, making it sound good. His fans have been begging him for the release of Pegasus, his previously-announced rock album that was, unfortunately, leaked in its entirety several weeks ago. It’s unclear if he has made any changes to the tracklist but, from the looks of it, Trip is moving forward with it as his next album.

As reported by XXL, the rapper posted his possible cover artwork on Instagram yesterday and, instantly, he was picked apart for it. The post suggested that Pegasus would be released this month but, according to Trippie’s fans, he corrected himself later and said it was not dropping in October. Still, let’s talk about this artwork.

This has not been confirmed as the official cover but, if Trippie listens to his fans, he’ll scrap his plans to use this picture entirely. For multiple reasons, the artist is being clowned for this. 

In the first photo, Trippie Redd stands with his arms flailed out, wearing nothing but a pair of nude-colored briefs. A unicorn stands behind him. In a second picture, the rapper sits on the unicorn’s back with his arms crossed, still wearing only his undies.

Regardless of what he chooses to do with these pictures, the internet will never forget about them. People are calling out Trips for allegedly editing his stomach area to paint on a six-pack. That’s not the only thing people are making fun of though. Basically, the entire thing is being deemed the “worst album cover of all time” by people on Reddit.

What do you think? Are you a fan of these?